Smarter than Smoking

For almost two decades the Heart Foundation Western Australia, with funding from Healthway, has been running a comprehensive youth anti-smoking campaign aimed at educating children and young people about the dangers of tobacco smoking, discouraging the uptake of smoking and reshaping social norms about smoking. In October 2014, the new Smarter than Smoking website was launched and provides information and resources For Youth, For Schools and For Parents to discuss and support tobacco and smoking related issues.

The key resources that extend messages to schools and support tobacco education in the classroom area featured under the For Schools menu and features curriculum-focused resources, fact sheets on smoking related topics, posters and activity sheets to creatively teach young people about tobacco and smoking related issues.  There are also useful resources and information about what parents (and other adults) can do and say to encourage young people to remain smoke-free and to protect children from the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and secondhand smoke.

Dynamic video content from Smarter than Smoking Media Campaigns, the Smarter than Smoking Young Directors' Festival and Healthway Sponsorships, provide interactive resources for young people to learn about the Smarter than Smoking messge. 

Throughout this site and resources being 'smoke-free' refers to people not smoking themselves as well as referring to protecting oneself from secondhand smoke.


Fact 1 - Light Nicotine cigarettes are NOT safer to smoke than regular cigarettes.

Fact 2 - 95% of WA high school students do not smoke regularly.

Fact 3 -Globally, one person dies every six seconds due to tobacco.

Fact 4 - Young smokers may rapidly become addicted to smoking, even at low levels of consumption.

Fact 5 - Smoking gives you bad breath, smelly hair, stained teeth and prematurely aged skin.