Smarter than Smoking

For over twenty years, Smarter than Smoking, a comprehensive youth anti-smoking campaign, has been running through support from Healthway.

The Heart Foundation (WA) delivered this multi-strategy intervention for many years, to educate children and young people about the dangers of tobacco smoking, discourage smoking uptake and reshape social norms about smoking.

In 2014, a new Smarter than Smoking website was launched and from 2016, is managed by SDERA which proudly carries on this important initiative, providing information and resources for Schools, Parents and Youths, to discuss and support tobacco and smoking related issues.

The Schools section provides key curriculum-focused resources which extend messages to schools and support tobacco education in the classroom. We include fact sheets, posters and activity sheets to creatively teach young people about tobacco and smoking related issues. 

There is relevant information to support Parents and Other Adults in encouraging young people to remain smoke-free and protecting children from the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and secondhand smoke.

The site also offers dynamic content from previous Smarter than Smoking Media Campaigns and the Young Directors' Festivals which ran from 2011 to 2014 – interactive ways that young people can engage with the Smarter than Smoking message.

Throughout this site and resources, the term being 'smoke-free' refers both to people not smoking themselves and protecting themselves from secondhand (also known as passive or sidestream) smoke.


Fact 1 - All cigarettes mean serious health risks - light nicotine and eCigarettes are not safer than regular cigarettes

Fact 2 - Nine out of ten students describe themselves as non-smokers

Fact 3 - One Australian dies every 28 minutes from tobacco

Fact 4 - Most students feel it would be dangerous to smoke cigarettes, either sometimes or regularly

Fact 5 - More students agree that smoking harms health and is unattractive