Parents and young people

Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults help children decide to be smoke-free?

While there is no sure way to prevent all children and teenagers from experimenting with cigarettes, the good news is that parents and other adults play an important role in children and teenagers’ decisions about smoking. Discuss the facts about smoking so they can make informed choices.

Why should adults talk to children about smoking?

In Australia, regular cigarette smoking causes many more deaths every year than alcohol, herioin and all other drugs put together. Most adult smokers begin smoking in their teenage years and most with they could quit. Young people often don’t realise how quickly a person can become “hooked” on smoking. Talking with them can help them gain confidence in their ability to make healthy and independent choices.

Do children and teenagers value what parents (and other adults) say?

Although parents (and other adults) often say they feel ignored by teenagers, teenagers report that advice from adults about cigarettes (and information about alcohol and other drugs) is helpful because it prepares them for the realities of life. Research shows that the most effective conversations value the viewpoints of children and teenagers and encourage them to discover facts for themselves.

What can adults do to prevent children and teenagers from smoking cigarettes?

It is important for adults to set standards for children and teenagers about smoking. Adults who smoke cigarettes may feel uncomfortable about this; however, it is important to point out the risks that smoking causes to health.