Protecting Children from Tobacco

We can all help to create a smoke-free Australia.

Ideas for the school/community

  • Ensure school areas have clear non-smoking signage and current smoke free guidelines
  • Set up a display in the library of the work your students have completed from the activities in this kit or other smoking related activities
  • Promote ‘World No Tobacco Day' held on 31 May each year
  • Publish facts about smoking in the school newsletter
  • Invite other teachers to visit the Smarter than Smoking website and use the resources
  • Invite the community newspaper to run a story on the school’s smoke-free activities
  • Develop School Drug and Tobacco Guidelines.


Policy and tobacco control programs help to protect the health of all Australians - in particular children by eliminating or reducing exposure to tobacco.  We want fewer Australians smoking or exposed to tobacco smoke. Learn more: