For Youth

The Smarter than Smoking priority is to reduce and prevent tobacco use among our young people.

Whilst research is showing that fewer young people are taking up smoking overall and use is relatively low for those up to 15 years old, it is higher for those 16-17 years old[1]. This is important because the majority of adult smokers started as teenagers and are more likely to continue smoking[2]. If tobacco use continues, the risks associated with smoking, particularly to health and fitness – have a large detrimental effect.

How can YOU be Smarter than Smoking?

Here are a few tips that you might want to consider in helping you as a young person, be Smarter than Smoking:

  • Think about the reasons you don’t want to smoke
  • Make the choice not to smoke and let your friends know
  • Say “no” to smoking – and practice what you want to say and do before you are being offered a cigarette
  • Support others to stop or reduce their smoking
  • Avoid situations where cigarettes might be offered
  • Avoid experimenting with smoking
  • Choose to do something else when others start smoking
  • Choose friends who are also Smarter than Smoking.

Did you realise that when you hang are around others who are smoking, even if you are not smoking yourself, you are still also breathing in tobacco smoke? It is important to protect yourself from secondhand smoke.

We would like you to offer you the chance to learn more about the dangers of smoking so you can make your own choices. To read more about this and the benefits of being smoke-free, check out the latest smoking facts and statisticsactivity sheets or check out these anti-smoking ad’s made by young people for young people.

[2] National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018, Commonwealth of Australia 2012.