Resources and Research

Make Smoking History  Campaign

Make Smoking History aims to reduce the prevalence of smoking among adults in WA. An important part of the campaign is making sure smokers know they can get the information and support they require. To learn more, visit Make Smoking History.

Heart Health and Smoking

The Heart Foundation recognises the dangers that tobacco smoke poses for heart health and would like to see fewer Australians smoking or exposed to tobacco smoke. Smoking is one of the biggest killers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and is the single most important risk factor for heart disease.  

Their website provides a number of resources, information and assistance for Australians. To learn more, visit Heart Foundation.

Cancer and Smoking

The Cancer Council notes that: “tobacco smoking is the largest preventable cause of cancer, responsible for more cancer deaths in Australia than any other single factor. It is also directly responsible for many heart and lung diseases. Smoking affects the smoker, as well as those around them.”

Visit their website to learn more.

Research and Statistics