The Facts

Research shows that the greater the number of cigarettes, and years, that a person smokes, the higher their risk of developing a number of life threatening diseases and smoking related cancers[1]. As well, smoking kills half its regular users[2][3].

Combine these risks with research that shows most adult smokers began smoking whilst in their teenage years and most wish they had never started[4], and we can see why it is important that we empower our young people to learn the facts so they can choose to be Smarter than Smoking.

Give Me the Facts!

Smarter than Smoking Fact Sheets (available below) provide a wealth of information for young people and adults alike including:

The final point is very important, especially as the US Surgeon General[5] has confirmed that children and young people who are regularly exposed to images of smoking in movies are twice as likely to begin smoking as those who are not.

The fact sheets can be used with upper primary students and may also be used to support learning in this area and support curriculum-based activities. This information also complements the other Tobacco Resources in the sections: For Schools and For Parents.

Fact Sheets

Facts About Smoking image 

Facts about smoking: focuses on smoking prevalence and the financial costs associated with smoking

Effects of Smoking on the Body

The effects of smoking on being active: the impact of smoking on fitness and being active

What's in a cigarette - cover image 

What’s in a cigarette and how does it affect me? the chemicals and poisons found in cigarettes and how they affect the human body and the environment 

Secondhand Smoke fact sheet image

Secondhand smoke: focuses on harms caused by secondhand (passive) smoking and ways to protect each ourselves from second hand smoke

Smoking and the Media

Smoking and the Media: looks at the use of product placement in movies to promote cigarettes

Tobacco and the Environment

Tobacco and the Environment: When people smoke they not only damage their own health, they also damage the environment.

Tobacco and the Law

Tobacco and the Law in Australiaprovides information on some of the laws from the Tobacco Control Act 2006.

Still Have Questions?

If you can’t find answers to all your questions within the Smarter than Smoking website, please visit some of the many tobacco control partners.