Smarter than Smoking Videos

Since 1996, through various initiatives, the Smarter than Smoking program has produced a suite of advertisements aimed at helping prevent young people to take up smoking. Some of these are featured below, and many of them were produced by WA school students.

Messages focus on the health, social and financial consequences including that smoking:

  • gives you bad breath, stained fingers and yellow teeth
  • costs a lot of money and there are better things to spend your money on such as data, music, clothes, concerts and movies
  • affects your fitness – people who smoke are less fit than non-smokers and are likely to run out of breath when they play sport or exercise!
  • can be unappealing to your friends, or someone you are trying to attract!
  • addiction can make your choices for you.

Watch these videos and learn more about the dangers of smoking.

Some of the major projects involving anti-smoking videos aimed at students include:

  1. The Critic's Choice
  2. Young Directors' Festival
  3. Healthway videos

"Start smoking now and addiction will choose for you"
Smarter than Smoking
"What's the point in smoking when all it does is cost you?"
Smoking is pointless when all it does is cost you.
"Addiction starts with a choice. Stop before you start."
Addiction starts with a choice
Smarter than Smoking "Eyes" campaign
Smarter than Smoking
Smarter than Smoking "Stressing Out" campaign - Concert
Smarter than Smoking
Smarter than Smoking "Bus Stop"
Smarter than Smoking
Smarter than Smoking "Eyes" 30 second edit
Smarter than Smoking