Healthway Videos

Smoking continues to be a priority health issue for Healthway with Anti-smoking sponsorships and projects which have the potential to increase young people's knowledge and understanding of the Smarter than Smoking and similar messages, promoting and maintaining smoke-free environments at all sponsored events, continuing to promote smoking as an unacceptable behaviour, establishing a lifestyle association between sport and a healthy non-smoking message, and providing appropriate role models to endorse non-smoking messages.

To view details of Healthway's current supported projects, visit Healthway's Approved Projects. To apply for a Healthway Sponsorship, Project Grant or Research Grant, please visit Healthway and apply direct there.

Below are some videos produced through Healthway's Smarter than Smoking project, featuring some of WA's stars in sports and the arts, introducing viewers to their discipline and providing tips on how to improve particular key skills.

WA Opera features Soprano, Emma Pettemerides
Smarter than Smoking WA Opera
Smarter than Smoking Netball WA
Norma Plummer's Netball Drills - Passing
Smarter than Smoking Ambassador
Smart Bunker Play with Jarryd Felton